Sharing Down-Home Christmas Memories

Our Readers’ Most treasured Christmas Memories from their childhood.

“Growing up we always decorated the tree on Christmas Eve. My four brothers always woke me up very early to sneak down and peek. We could wake Mom and Dad at 6 am then we could open our stockings while we had breakfast. Every little thing in our stockings was wrapped. We didn’t have lots of money but mom made everything special. Only after stockings and breakfast could we open presents under the tree. Those are magical memories!”-Linda D.

My favorite memory was that on Christmas Eve my mom would make a spread for us kids. We would fondue and drink out of fancy glasses. There would be candles burning, all of the Christmas lights on, with all of the classic Christmas songs playing in the background. Of course, we would have our Christmas pajamas on and all of the sisters had our hair in curlers. I could go on and on. I carried that tradition on with my kids.  Such a happy memory”-Mary B.

I started a very special tradition about 47 years ago.  I started by putting flowers on the graves of my Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles that did not have children.  Then I progressed to also putting flowers on all my Great Grandparents and Great Aunts and Uncles who did not have children.  Then I progressed to putting flowers on all the graves of any relatives that are buried in 8 counties in North Carolina and 2 counties in Virginia that no one in my family was putting flowers on.  Some of these people did not have children and some had children that had moved away.  Now, my total number of graves to put flowers on is 64.  I do not have the funds to put large wreaths so I buy the Poinsette groups at the local dollar stores.  I would rather put fresh evergreens, but I would need a truck to haul all of that in so instead, I use artificial flowers. I take 2 days to put them up and leave them from the week of Christmas until Old Christmas (January 6th) and then take them up.  This way, I can use them for multiple years before they fade.  I have done this so many years that I have figured out a route that takes me from one location to the other and can reach them in the 2 days’ time. Since we do not have snow or ice in my area of Granville County, North Carolina, during Christmas, I have never been unable to perform my special tradition.  Now that I am 72, I know my years of doing this will be reduced, and the number of graves I put flowers on will be limited to being closer to where I live, but as long as I am able to do this, I plan to continue.”Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all of you and your readers.”-Betty Jean K.

One of my favorite memories of Christmas is my mom always made plum pudding. It seemed to boil all day and made the house smell like Christmas!!  No one was allowed to sample it until Christmas Day!!  As mom aged, she no longer made the plum pudding…and I wasn’t always able to go home for Christmas!  So I made the plum pudding and sent it to her every year!! Brought back lots of great memories each year and a way to share the season with her from across the miles!!”-Mary J.

My favorite tradition for Christmas is going to Church on Christmas Eve night.  My Mom always made a cranberry, apple and pineapple fluff recipe with turkey and dressing for Christmas.  Going to Grandma’s house after church and having lots of food and family there is a wonderful memory.  It was so much fun!  My MIL always had tamales on Christmas Eve and a big family dinner!  Many have passed away or moved away and times have changed!  Hope you’ll have a blessed Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!  God bless!”-Patricia K.

My favorite memory is when after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, on a Sunday, my grandma, my mom, my sisters, and besides would get together and make Christmas cookies. It was the cookies that needed to be decorated that we would do. We felt like big balls of sugar afterwards and smelled like cookies, but it was fun. It didn’t happen too much after a while as we got older and more kids came but I love that memory“-Bonnie H.

Every year my family all gathered at my Mom & Dad’s house on Christmas Eve. We always had a pot of chili, a pot of spaghetti, a fruit & vegetable tray, Mom’s Christmas cookies made with the green and red cherries, and her angel cookies. We opened our presents from each other then as we knew that Christmas Day would be so busy. Such wonderful memories of time spent with my Family, many who have now gone on to heaven. Merry Christmas!”-Sandy C.

Holidays, are such a big deal with my family. I make a tray of different kinds of fudges. Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Butterscotch, and White Truffles. Then, I add cookies. Christmas ones that my grandchildren help me with. And, then, Chocolate and White decorated Pretzel Sticks. Then, I hand them out to my daughters, family and friends. We also always open up one present on Christmas Eve.“-Belinda D.

Christmas Eve in Tennessee, on the old family farm, was the best day of the whole year. My grandmother always had our favorite Lemon Pound Cake waiting for our arrival, and grandfather was so proud to show us the tree he had cut from the farm, and had it all ready to decorate.  After supper my sister and I would get into our PJ’s, help decorate the tree and eat cake!  After that we were allowed to open one gift each – the rest had to wait for Christmas morning. We spent hours trying to decide which one to open. Other relatives and friends would show up and grandfather played his guitar and we would sing Christmas songs, and share favorite Christmas memories.“-Patty W.

I grew up in a small town on the mountain called Gruetli, Tennessee (it’s Swiss) in Grundy County. My favorite Christmas memories are of my family gathered in the kitchen while Mama cooked a great feast of slow roasted Turkey, cornbread dressing and all the side dishes. Daddy grew his own grapes and always had a barrel of his homemade wine in the smokehouse for the adults to enjoy for the holidays. Needless to say they were always happy during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of our happiest times as a family were during these times. Merry Christmas to all.“-Debbie B.

Our favorite family time was Christmas Eve. My Dad always cooked oysters for dinner back then. Growing up on the farm in the 1950’s, times were hard but my Mom and Dad made it so special with all the family home for Christmas.. For those who didn’t like oysters, there were plenty of sides and desserts already prepared for the Christmas “lunch” the next day… Laughter and hugging and the fellowship of kinfolks and neighbors still bring heartwarming memories to my mind every year about this time.. Maybe it wasn’t just about the great food, but the love that was shared!! We still continue that tradition today and have for 70 years.”-Patsy C.

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