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A lifestyle magazine that inspires you to create a life you love..

Celebrating women doing amazing things in their lives, from creating a beautiful home, starting an amazing business, and cooking a fabulous family meal, you will find it all in Front Porch Life Magazine.

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Front Porch Life is a lifestyle

It’s sweet tea and good food. It’s cane poles and grasshoppers. It’s fresh eggs and homegrown tomatoes. It’s a country kitchen and your grandmother’s recipe. Front Porch Life is rural… It’s city, it’s country and it’s southern. It’s the beach and it’s the mountains. It’s a down-home state of mind.

Front Porch Life is a rockin chair and a good book. It’s your momma’s biscuits and your dad’s pipe. Front Porch Life is like coming home. 

Our publication is for the everyday person that loves going home, even if it’s only in your mind. We pack this magazine full of country living, southern charm, heartwarming stories of people doing everyday life, great recipes and so much more. 

In this fast-paced world, it’s our mission to deliver some simplicity and nostalgia to your day. We hope to encourage you to slow down, think about the small joys in your life, and remember the moments that brought you to where you are today while inspiring you to create more. “We believe down-home living is an amazing way to embrace life.

“Down-home”: connected with an unpretentious way of life, especially that of rural peoples or areas.

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Down- Home State of Mind! It’s a way of life!

“It’s wonderful to find a magazine that showcases the simple way of life. Sitting on the porch with a good book, browsing through a thrift store and enjoying the sunset. It’s like coming home!”
Nicole Frazier

What’s inside…

Delicious recipes

If you are a fan of our other website The Southern Lady Cooks, you will love all the recipes in this down home magazine. Recipes for every occasion that your family will love. Anyone can make these delicious dishes! 

Inspiring People

We love to showcase real people! Those who have built a beautiful life with a humble attitude. Grateful for a life they love. Small town people with family traditions who enjoy the down home state of mind. 

Simple living

If you love the simplicity that life can offer, then you’ll find more of that in our magazine. We’ll show you DIY tips, thrifting, and budgeting ideas you can start using today. We’ll also take you back to a simpler time.  We’ll help you remember what it was like when simplicity was all about fireflies dancing in the dark and an old rocking chair was a place to tell a story. 

Latest Helpful Blog Posts

If the unpretentious way of life is what you’re looking for…you have found it. Welcome home. 

“In a world that is full of excess, Front Porch Life reminds you what is important.” – Lacey
Finally a magazine that focuses on the simple life. I simply love it. The stories are so inspiring” -Phyllis
Front Porch Life reminds me so much of my momma. I love it so much!” -Kay