Front Porch Life is a lifestyle.

Leigh and Anne Walkup are the twins behind Front Porch Life. Yes, they are twins! 

Leigh and Anne created Front Porch Life because they knew people needed it. They wanted a place that celebrated sweet tea, gravel roads, lightening bugs, antique stores, spoon bread and country sunsets. A place that made you think of home. A publication that brought you straight back to your childhood.  A magazine that showcases simple living, country charm and delicious food.

Welcome…..Front Porch Life.

These two ladies have built their life around simple living and down home cooking.  They are the daughters of Judy Yeager (The creator of The Southern Lady Cooks, which they now run fulltime) and  thrive on being in the kitchen or out on their farms with their animals. Slowing down and enjoying the good life is not just something they say…they fully embrace it. 

“We believe down-home living is an amazing way to embrace life.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to have you embrace the simple pleasures in your life. In a world that can appear to be spinning fast, we invite you to take a moment to embrace the small things that bring you joy and happiness. When you sit down to read Front Porch Life we hope it sparks nostalgia while leaving you overwhelmingly inspired in your everyday life. 

Lets stay in touch!

We will send out occasional emails about upcoming issues and down-home living!