Blooming Success: Jessica Jones’ Floral Business

Jessica Jones fell in love with her grandmother’s floral garden as a child at her family farm in central Kentucky. Today, that passion is what helps run her very successful floral design business, Blooms N Blossoms.

Floral Design Business

The Beginning

My love of flowers began in my grandmother’s flower garden. I spent so many days walking her zinnia beds and cutting flowers for her kitchen table. She also had a gazebo covered in roses. I’d cut them every time I visited in the summer!

I went to college to be an agriculture teacher with a focus on animal sciences. I was excited to teach about horses, cattle, etc. My first class assignment was floral design. I had no idea what I was doing. I was panicked! At that time, the University of Kentucky didn’t offer floral design as a course. So I signed up for an ag teacher refresher course at Eastern Kentucky University. That’s when I fell in love with the artistry of floral design. The instructor asked me how long I had been designing when I tackled a Hogarth curve arrangement. I told him just a few days, which was the truth! He then said, “I think you’ve missed your calling.”  I pray that Dr. Black knows how much his words affected me. That one sentence gave me the courage to teach myself floral design skills and eventually establish my business. 

Floral Design Business
Floral Design Business

Starting a Floral Design Business

I began designing weddings for friends in July 2002. What began as a hobby quickly became a side hustle. I worked nights and weekends after spending days in the classroom. I left the classroom setting when I was offered an environmental scientist position, but I continued working in my basement nights and weekends to build a dream. I knew I wanted to specialize in wedding flowers only.

In 2015 I had finally saved up enough money and had enough work on the books to quit my day job and go full time with flowers. Within two months of making that announcement, I had booked even more weddings.  A studio space came open in downtown Georgetown. I was able to open a downtown space in September 2015. It was in that space that my business flourished! I wasn’t a daily delivery type of florist, but I had a meeting space with brides and plenty of room for inventory. I am so thankful for that little space.

In January 2021, I moved my studio to our family farm. I needed more space, a quieter design space, and a balance to a busy home life. I have been growing dahlias and other flowers for myself and for business use. I’ve never wanted to get into full-on flower production. However, growing those few things helps me personalize my designs and makes them unique. I was certified Kentucky Proud on flowers and weddings. I’m quite proud of that! In a couple of years, my business has shifted to fewer in-studio meetings and more virtual meetings or meetings at wedding planner’s offices. I feel like everything has evolved like it was meant to. 

The Growing Pains

Growing pains are a good thing! Unpleasant, yes…but good! With a growing floral design business, I am always out of storage space, cooler space, and finding enough skilled helpers. I feel like I fight those battles constantly. On the business side of things, I would have invested earlier in a proposal writing program and a part-timer for social media/financial bookwork. One of my best decisions was hiring a part-timer to clean my studio while I’m on a wedding setup and pre-set the next week with clean buckets, vases, and any other decor pulled.

Floral Design Business

Finding Inspiration

I find my inspiration in nature. I love the textures, curves, and bends of flowers, branches, and plants. I love to play on those qualities and try to bring naturalness to my designs. I follow several blogs and designers on social media as well. I’m a fangirl of several designers!

During my consultations, I’ll listen to my clients and their descriptions. Often, a client will show me an inspirational photo but will want to change a few things. Personalizing a wedding floral plan to each client’s personality and style is key!

My all-time favorite flowers are daffodils and tulips. I use tulips a lot in my wedding work. I love how they bend with the light, the color variations, and the varieties. I seldom get to use daffodils in my wedding work, but I love putting vases of daffodils around my home in the springtime. They are such cheerful and happy flowers! 

The one flower I avoid is Asiatic and oriental lilies. The pollen stains so easily, and petals bruise if you look at them cross-eyed. 

Advice for starting a Floral Business

Invest in yourself and your craft. Take the classes and courses, network, and take a good business class! Hire an excellent CPA and business coach!

Learn more about Jessica and her business, Blooms ‘N Blossoms!

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All images were provided by Jessica from Blooms N Blossoms.

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